AUO Invests 9.7 Billion to Build 2 High-end Module Production Lines

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Author : AUO lcd supplier
Update time : 2020-06-22 15:53:15
Recently, Peng Shuanglang, chairman of AUO, a panel factory, said that he had participated in the investment project to return to Taiwan, applied for a three-year plan of NT $40.7 billion (9.7 billion yuan), expanded high-end and module production capacity, introduced high-level intelligent production lines, and produced high value-added products. Two production lines were completed in June.

Peng Shuanglang pointed out at the shareholders' meeting that the establishment of a high-end commercial and automotive panel production line in Taiwan can immediately provide locally made panel modules to support international brand customers to sell in the global market. He said that AUO has a small part of the pre-production process in Chinese mainland, mostly module production lines, and will do some production balance in the front and back stages in the future. For example, if it is sold to the Chinese mainland market, it will maintain Chinese mainland production; it will be sold to markets other than Chinese mainland in Europe and the United States, and produced in Taiwan or other countries.

The epidemic has hit car factories around the world, cooling demand for vehicle panels, but also seeing the rise of other demand, such as the housing economy and medical demand. Therefore, AUO makes capacity adjustments to meet the new demand. Generally speaking, since the supply chain returns to normal, the entire production line is in a relatively high-end state, and AUO will take this opportunity to make more active product mix and adjustment.
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