What Is The FPC In The LCM Module

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Update time : 2019-09-21 16:57:59
When it comes to FPC wiring, you must know or be familiar with what FPC is? FPC can be divided into many kinds according to function, such as FPC antenna, FPC touch screen, FPC capacitance screen and so on. FPC wiring is one of them. Generally speaking, FPC wiring is the connection cable. The composition of FPC wiring is a kind of FPC, so its composition is the same as that of FPC. FPC is generally long, both ends of the design can be pluggable needle, can be directly connected to the connector or welded to the product.

The middle is generally for the line, because the FPC wiring needs a certain degree of flexibility, therefore, the substrate is generally calender copper, zigzag resistance, flexibility. FPC wiring process FPC wiring used in the surface treatment process is generally gold deposition, occasionally anti-oxidation. However, the anti-oxidation process can not withstand high temperature, the environmental bearing capacity is worse than the gold deposition, the two prices are similar, therefore, most of them use the gold deposition process. In addition, there are tin plating and other processes, but FPC temperature resistance is generally below 280 degrees Celsius, and tin spray will have a temperature of more than 300 degrees Celsius, and tin paste hardness is small, so it is rarely used. The function and use of FPC the function of FPC wiring is to connect two related parts or products. Now, many products have used wiring, because it has a certain degree of zigzag, in printers, mobile phones, notebooks and many other products have used FPC wiring.

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