What Is the Principle Of Transparent LCD Displays?

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Update time : 2020-08-31 09:10:03
What is the principle of transparent lcd displays? In fact, it is to make use of the physical properties of the liquid crystal to turn on when it is electrified, so that the arrangement of the liquid crystal becomes orderly and the light can pass through easily.
What Is the pPrinciple Of Transparent LCD Displays?

LCD display screen is a display device based on liquid crystal electro-optic effect, including character segment display device in segment display mode, character, graphics and image display device in matrix display mode, and large screen LCD projection TV LCD screen in matrix display mode. When there is no electricity, the arrangement becomes chaotic, preventing the light from passing through. 

Let the liquid crystal block or let the light pass through like a floodgate. Technically speaking, LCD panel consists of two rather exquisite pieces of sodium-free glass material, called Substrates, with a layer of liquid crystal in the middle. When the light beam passes through this layer of liquid crystal, the liquid crystal itself will stand in a row or twist irregularly, thus blocking or making the light beam pass smoothly. 

Liquid crystals belong to organic complexes and are made up of long rod-like molecules. In the natural state, the long axes of these rod-like molecules are roughly parallel. If the liquid crystal is poured into a well-machined slotted plane, the liquid crystal molecules will be arranged along the slots, so if the grooves are very parallel, the molecules are also completely parallel.
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