Four tips for buying LCD

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Update time : 2017-04-11 16:45:56

The LCD screen has become an important pillar of the display, is now becoming the first occupation world daxian. LCD is the word left to the image that is - LCD is a display device.But how to buy a LCD? Now give you some tips for buying a LCD.

Backlight selection: liquid crystal display was luminous, so it is necessary to have an external light source, liquid crystal will appear, the transmission type liquid crystal light with the necessary background, strong demand for reflective liquid crystal light, transflective LCD backlight and ambient light or strong request.

Temperature scale: many character LCD and small graphic dot matrix liquid crystal at room temperature and a wide temperature type, wide temperature type and the liquid crystal graphic dot matrix in the mainland market with rare, usually refers to the working temperature at room temperature 0 to 50 DEG C, wide temperature -20 to 70 DEG C; also have certain requirements in humidity hand.

Brightness: brightness doubt unit is cd/m2 or Nit (Bennett), some TN, STN (DSTN) LCD brightness does not exceed 100cd/m2, but the contrast brightness commonly used 5 - 6 of the pseudo color STN screen is about 130cd/m2, KYOCERA has a 5.7 LCD brightness reached 200cd/m2, and the brightness of the TFT class the liquid crystal is above 150cd/m2 to see, our company can also supply some liquid crystal high brightness, brightness up to 1000cd/m2, and 1600cd/m2.

Accessories: LCD interface standard, not because of the international standard, so the signal is not the same interface LCD manufacturers, different varieties are usually not consistent, so the selection of liquid crystal, pay attention to procurement related accessories (including signal connection device, inverter etc.)

Customer service service and brand selection: normally, now display only once the circuit fault, depot repair, so the customer service service is particularly important, at this point the X.H. Technology trust, do not covet cheap and choose which can not guarantee customer service service brand-name products.

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