What is IPS Screen and Its Advantages?

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Update time : 2022-10-09 15:46:43
IPS, namely In-Plane Switching, is a liquid crystal panel technology based on TFT, commonly known as "Super TFT".

IPS screen has the advantages of high visual angle, fast response and accurate color restoration, so it is a high-end product in LCD panel. Compared with other types of panels, IPS screen panels are not prone to water pattern deformation by gently scratching with their hands, so they are also known as hard screens. When you look at the screen carefully, if you see the fish scale pixels facing left, plus the hard screen, then you can determine that it is the IPS screen.

What are the advantages of IPS screens?

IPS LCD panel not only has certain advantages in durability and easy cleaning, but also leads VA soft screen in terms of functional parameters and performance indicators. Response time has always been the deficiency of LCD TV, but with the continuous progress of LCD technology, the problem of picture trailing of LCD TV has been well solved on the IPS panel. The advantage of short response time enables the IPS screen to show a clearer image in the dynamic picture. In addition, compared with the VA soft screen, the IPS screen has the advantages of accurate color restoration and outstanding black expression.

Technical experts said that IPS hard-screen LCD TV can excellent performance of dynamic high-definition pictures, especially suitable for motion image reproduction, no residual shadow and trailing, and is an ideal carrier for watching digital high-definition images, especially fast motion pictures, such as competitions, speed games and action movies. Experts also said that because of the unique horizontal molecular structure of the IPS screen, it is very stable without water lines, shadows and flashes when touching, so it is extremely suitable for televisions and public display devices with touch functions.

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